Thursday’s, One of the Five Must-See-Sites

Thursday’s Fictions built in collaboration with Physical TV has received much critical acclaim since its launch in mid 2007 here is a sample first 20 of voluntary comments delivered in-world. If you have Secondlife installed on your machine click this SLURL to go there now

One of the Five Must-See Sites in Second Life. Bettina Tizzy, NPIRL featured in New World Notes


  1. MaYa Miquel – This must be the best sim I’ve ever seen in secondlife. And I’m playing for a while already. I totally love it. thank you!
  2. Dizzy Sparrow – This is a very interesting place and would very much like for there to be more… are you going to be building things for the other days? Please say you are! 🙂
  3. bebop Kohime – the most amzing place ive ever see in secondlife cant wait unyil the other tunnels are finished, thank you
  4. Vedas Enoch – This is by far the most interactive and fun thing I’ve done on SL. Great job!
  5. Trigit Amat – Congratulations! This is one of the most interesting and nicely done places i ve seen in sl! Keep up the great work, i ll come and see the progress regularly! Thank You from Trigit Amat (Trigital Vox)
  6. Lor Gynoid – Cleverly done. I applaud the imagination that went into Thursday’s Fictons.
  7. Kali Idziak – This sim is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for your efforts.
  8. Sinclair Bracken – I thought it was fantastic. I hope you’ll keep it here, and even add to it. I love the poetry, and the sense of mystery. Really wonderful. I may not have gone all the way, and it seems as if there’s more to experience, and one is left with questions, but it’s really great.
  9. Anni Aluveaux – Thanks for the experience, it was exciting.
  10. Jenene Lemaire – amazing build so far, please finish this, one of the best I have seen so far. I want to see this movie now as well. Never heard of it before visiting this sim. Really pleased to have found this.
  11. Kronos Kirkorian – Gary, Just came back to wander through this exhibit again. You’ve done a remarkable job here. Thoughtful, clever, insightful and compelling. You have become very skilled in the use of SL on many different levels. I hope you are proud of the effort, I have not seen anything in SL that comes up to the level of what you have accomplished here. Regards, Kronos
  12. Alaken Tatham – A very provocative journey; one I will definitely recommend to friends. I would have liked a little more interactivity within the various alcoves, and the books of truth and lies seemed a little buggy for me, but this seems a work in motion. The visuals, sounds and music were excellent. It certainly piques my interest in both the book and the film. Thanks! 🙂
  13. FleetingJoy Volitant – this is numinous. and it reminds me of the magical mazes i used to make myself as a child, full of secret passageways and amazing colours, i want a day that describes me- i pursue a life of love, plagued by painful empathy, ruined by fear of evrything except that love
    i’d like to enter other days. or even the now and i never managed to get beyond the green cupboard.
    to be honest, i want to reach a destination other than the place i ahve already been, but maybe that is not possible in any lifetime beautiful
  14. Tiara Thibedeau – really cool, great fun and scary, beautifully put together.
  15. sharron Nikolaidis – Briliant, please open the others, Loved it
  16. Sejwan Vultee – That was an excellent journey please make more…
  17. Craig Altman – finish the other tracks please…fridays was awesome…syn negulesco…
  18. Yajaira Nikolaidis – I think this is truly the best place I have ever been in second life.. maybe try to do something there about love as well..the disorientatingness of it all….if that can translate into this.
  19. Talliver Hartnell – very nice idea. please finish it. we’ll be back to play some more
  20. Enzi Raymaker – The place is beautiful and well made … some times it feels a little scary and some others feels calm, that is fine for me… but too short, and still have no idea what is this about. Also you should give out landmarks so we can come back later and/or give away to our friends. I hope next time I come there is more to see and more path to walk. See you later -Enzi


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