MUVEDesign clients range from education, independent entertainment producers, Film, TV and Telco companies who have clear expectations and goals in alternate, augmented reality projects and virtuals world creation.

  • Augmented Reality – Specialising in entertainment and advertising focused augmented reality projects, MUVEDesign have created engaging marker based viral AR for ads and brochures, several geo-location AR projects using Layar and/or Junaio and are developing an AR iPhone game and a dramatic project with motion video overlaid into real space.
  • Multi-Platform Entertainment – MUVEDesign create engaging multi-platform services & pervasive games and consult on global transmedia storytelling projects. Also there are several pervasive ARG-like games documented here created primarily by MUVEDesigns director Gary Hayes.
  • Virtual Social & Game Worlds – Examples below are of MUVEDesigns award winning organic, innovative – social virtual world and game builds recently launched:

Telstra “Pond” – ABC TV Island – Deakin Arts Edu – Thursday’s Fictions – Melbourne Laneways – AFTRS

Gary Hayes Builds


BigPondTHE POND – TELSTRA (Most Popular Brand in Second Life) 2007

Launched in March 2007 for Telstra, (“This project was developed and produced by Gary Hayes…”) & within months the most popular brand in Second Life. The initial 11 island build created solely by Gary Hayes in around 5 weeks was notable for its organic design, functional builds and naturalistic places to socialise, shop, view media & explore.



The Billabong Bar and Uluru sims were quickly the most traffic’d branded area. Muvedesign also coordinated external to Linden lab registration and  BigPond users entered at 6 dedicated orientation islands – followed in July 07 set up the highly populated, first 3 residential islands.





Initial interest was sparked by the diversity on the main central islands with race tracks, boating, art installations, underwater zones and various Australian Icons. It reached the publically available dwell figure of 40-50k per week (where it has remained) when Muvedesign was the only developer up to August 2007.

Designer/builder: Gary Hayes (except Bridge and Opera House)





ESPERANCE ISLAND – AFTRS 2006 (1st  Australian Island in Second Life)

An eclectic island, the first Australian sim, that features 100 always on-demand film cinema, machinima sets, auditoriums, script training and several scavenger games. Primarily used for early pre-visualisation by the film professionals at the Australian Film TV and Radio SchoolDesigner/builder: Gary Hayes





TV ISLAND – ABC (Top TV Community Island) 2007

ABC Island in Second Life is a dynamic and distinctively Australian destination providing visitors with opportunities to design, create and showcase objects, discover a hidden underground music club. Since it’s March 07 launch it has remained in the Top 7 brands based on dwell traffic.




…listen to Indigenous stories, wander round an environmentally friendly eco house, experience ABC audio and video in a social environment and attend live screenings and concerts.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes




ARTS EDU SIM – DEAKIN UNIVERSITY  (Highly Innovate Virtual Learning Campus) 2008

A groundbreaking combination of surreal structures and practical education spaces for metaverse lecturers who are passionately immersed in the practices of teaching and learning in the art forms of visual art, drama, music, dance, and media.





The build which is mostly 50-90m off the ground on stilt supports, features over 20 unique ready for work artistic spaces all reflecting elements of optical illusion, flowing spirals and moving sculpture. A range of morphing plants and mobile art was added too.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes







MELBOURNE LANEWAYS – MMV (Rich Simulation of City Environment) 2007

Commissioned as a temporary build by Multimedia Victoria and Acumentum this exciting 3D online space is based on the ‘essence’ of the famous laneways in the centre of Melbourne.






This project captures the quintessential characteristics of Melbourne, the hidden cafes, the distinctive graffiti and iconic Federation Square while offering a new interactive and virtual experience.Designer/builders: Gary Hayes, Ben Zemcevicius (The Project Factory).







THURSDAY’S FICTIONS – PHYSICAL TV (Top Five Arts Builds in Second Life) 2007

The critically acclaimed presence in Second Life loosely adapted from the stage/book/film of the same title. Created in collaboration with Physical TV. “When you read a book, you imagine the world.
When you watch a film, you see and hear the world.





When you visit an online 3D immersive environment, you enter the world. You feel what it’s like to be one of the characters, to be inside the story. And you can share that experience with your friends.”Designer/builder: Gary Hayes








An ABC primetime show wanted to launch in Second Life at the same time as launching its first series on ABC TV. Viewers were invited to join the ABC in SL after the first show for a discussion hosted by a Librarian avatar from the Australian Libraries building.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes






A recreation of a Victorian hotel complex as part of a mixed-reality event. Faithful recreation of the external facades and inner rooms mapped to the existing architectural plans.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes






The landing pads in the headquarter image for example, allow teleport to where ever avatars need to on the island and the meeting spaces have been designed to encourage open, honest and relaxed discussion.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes





One example of a range of unique meeting and learning areas. A stunning glass-encased office space in the sky. It contains six open chat-safe social and board room areas all interconnected and with fabulous openess.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes






Featuring renowned Second Life artists Adam Ramona and Mashup Islander a colony sim designed to work as a development and exhibition space. With a central vertical shared area that doubles as environmental partition each of the four residents can develop their own identity without interference.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes





Mixing multiple specifically-shot videos into a virtual 3D set, the project provided this international client with a way to highlight the dedication and diversity of their employees. The live action characters appeared to be alongside the avatars in real-time in the 3D space.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes, Ben Zemcevicius





A series of 9 games were built in Second Life for an global client. The games were designed to challenge the player’s mental, physical and team playing skills. All games scores contribute to a global leader board for the Number One spot on the winner’s trophy board. Project managed with The Project Factory.




An avatar tests their metal as the Catavatar flings them 30 metres into the air towards the target boardDesigner/Builder: Gary Hayes, Ben Zemcevicius. Scripter: Primforge & TPF














Balance is a team game where two or more players have to navigate their team across four pivoting discs by balancing each disc until it is flat and stable enough to reach the “bridges” inbetween. The discs become increasingly more unstable as the course progresses.Designer/builder: Gary Hayes, Ben Zemcevicius, Scripter: Primforge





In this challenge an avatar is given a colour and a number sequence. Their task is to navigate their way through the correct coloured doors in the right number sequence in the fastest possible time.Designer/Builder: Gary Hayes. Scripter: Primforge & TPF






Observatar is designed to test your powers of observation. Here the avatar is exposed to an images with lots of complexity for 60 seconds. After this time has elapsed the image is removed and the avatar is asked a number of questions relating to the image. How observant are you reallyDesigner/Builder: Gary Hayes. Scripter: Primforge






The Maze is a team challenge that tests your team communication skills in a virtual environment. One avatar enters the maze and the other team mates stand above the maze and attempt to navigate their friend to the exit.Designer/Builder: Gary Hayes. Scripter: Primforge





Slanagram is an anagram game where an avatar is presented with giant moving letters which s/he then has to unjumble to make up a proper word. How many anagrams can you solve in 2 minutesDesigner/Builder: Gary Hayes. Scripter: Primforge


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