The MUVEDesign team run several well regarded blogs and also receive a good deal of press about its creators.

Press items featuring Gary Hayes virtual reality world builds.

The Metaverse Journal – Interview: Gary Hazlitt

With the launch of the ABC and Telstra presences in Second Life, Gary Hazlitt (Gary Hayes) has become a well know figure for Australian SL users. He’s managed both projects and built the majority of the content as well.

Taturu’s Mixed Reality Headcount – The Pond Top Brand in Second Life and up 35%

Sitting with Very Mulberry (Big Pond) and developer Gary Hazlitt at The Pond’s Billabong Bar…Ultimately The Pond is delivering what seems to be good value at a fair price, and even if it isn’t the sort of product traditionally associated with them, goodwill is goodwill

ABC TV Sunday Arts – Thursday’s Fictions

The creators of the award-winning and surreal dance film, Thursday’s Fictions, will launch an online 3D immersive experience in Second Life…a collaboration by leading Australian dance filmmakers Dr Richard James Allen and Dr Karen Pearlman of The Physical TV Company and Gary Hayes.

ABC’s Second Life islands wins rich media award at SMPTE – IT Wire – link removed

The ABC’s Second Life island – won the award for rich media at the Content + Technology Awards at SMPTE in Sydney, Australia.

BigPond Enters Second Life – Telstra Press Release – link removed

BigPond today launched Australia’s first major corporate presence in the online virtual world, Second Life, with the unveiling of ‘The Pond’….This project was developed and produced by Gary Hayes…

Melbourne Laneways comes to life at ABC Island – link removed

…an artistic remix of the alleys and laneways of Melbourne (my local stomping grounds). Rather than simply replicating a chunk of the city, the installation draws on the elements and flavor of many scenes and locales…Heh, isn’t it excellent. Gave me such buzz to wonder through.

Second Life’s Second Wind – Scoop Podcast – link removed

Facebook might be grabbing the spotlight, but Second Life is no shrinking violet. The online virtual environment now boasts 10 million participants and big names like Telstra and the ABC. Joining us to discuss why Second Life matters to business is Lisa Romano, project manager of the ABC’s Second Life presence, Cameron Reilly, chief executive of The Podcast Network, and Gary Hayes.

Virtual Worlds – Victorian Government News – link removed

Multimedia Victoria is currently undertaking research of emerging technology trends and their potential impact on the economic and social lives of Victorians. Virtual worlds have attracted significant attention over the past twelve months and have the potential to drive significant new uses of web-based communication for individuals and businesses.

The FUD factor: Second Life takes hold – site removed

Gary Hayes, who has directed and built Second Life developments for Telstra BigPond and the ABC reckons the virtual world is both threat and opportunity. Mainly, he says, the fact that Second Life has moved beyond mere curiosity means that businesses need to understand the new environment…

Ambling in Second Life – Careers Build

The build itself is very enjoyable. It mixes almost ghostly, washed-out or semi-transparent shapes with sharp, crisp ones, giving a gently surreal yet serene air to the place. If you know anything about building with Windlight you are probably familiar with the “glow” setting on textures. I may be wrong, but it looks like this has been used extensively, and may account for the otherworldly lighting effects and soft-focus look.

melbourne laneways in second life. NOOOOOOOO

i think i am going to be forced to join second life to check this out…

Linden Lab – Machinima Showcase

Features Gary Hazlitt’s “Second Life -Windlight Machinima” builds

Thursday’s Fictions – Great Builds, Second Life Insider

– you can experience some of the magic in Second Life as well, as constructed by Gary Hazlitt. There is also a trailer to whet your appetite for the experience, though it may not be suitable for work, including artistically contextualised partial nudity.

Melbourne Laneways comes to life at ABC Island

…an artistic remix of the alleys and laneways of Melbourne (my local stomping grounds). Rather than simply replicating a chunk of the city…

Chatter Bots evolve in Second Life – Clickable Culture

Gary Hayes…has recently begun to tinker with some of this next-generation bot technology, bringing a detailed chatterbot to ABC Island. “The quality of the automatic responses is improving each day,”

Here are some ‘article’ length posts across a range of topics from various self maintained blogs. Keep returning for updates.

The Brand Owners Guide to Joining the Metaverse

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Witnessing the Birth of An Entertainment Form

TV property branded Virtual Worlds – the beginning

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TV formats in Shared Spaces, Virtual “Big Brother”

Alternate Reality Games in Virtual Spaces

Phase Two – TV & Design Brands and Virtual Worlds

Merged-Media Entertainment – where reality ends, virtuality begins

Putting the Space in Virtual – Second Life

Gary Hayes also runs a Second Life, in-world blog at


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