Advertising & Marketing for Social Virtual Worlds

A presentation I gave last month at the Online Networking and Business Collaboration conference. This is one of twenty or so I did on a similar topic (engaging with virtual world inhabitants and game players) through 2008. The presentation broadly looks at 4 key areas

  1. The Actual Audience – who they are, what their demo and psychographics are
  2. The Market – dominant players, investment, in world currency and evident holes in the marketplace
  3. Some key case studies – what has worked, how things could be improved and
  4. A little bit about branded entertainment futures and how Virtual worlds will be more ‘merged’ with TV, film and the 2D social web.

virtual_world_shopping_hayesCase studies included Best Buy, McDonalds, Nivea (Splinter Cell), MTV There, STA Travel, Fosters, Accenture, ABC, Intel, Jeep, Dodge, Habbo, Big Brother, Kelly Services, Gossip Girl, L Word, Football Superstars, Webkinz, Barbie Girls, Stardolls, BBC, blast theory,virtual office, club penguin, vside, little big planet, weblin, rocketon, imvu, ps3 home, second life (various including The Pond)
There are more presentations under the LAMP & Project Factory umbrella across social media, new form entertainment and virtual worlds at Gary’s slideshare account.

Details from the program
A detailed presentation given at the Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration conference in Sydney in November 2008 – on how to engage with shared social worlds – this includes locative games as well as traditional online game worlds and social 3D web based worlds. Specific focus on the networking elements and how this dictates the types of advertising and collaborative marketing.

Digital Worlds: Social, Virtual, Mobile
• Meet generation V
• What are the opportunities for enterprise, marketers and government?
• The psychological implications of virtual interaction
• What are the mobility limitations of virtual worlds?
Gary Hayes, Director LAMP, Head of Virtual Worlds, MUVEDesign
Laurel Papworth, Director & Social Networks Strategist,
World Communities


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