ABOUT…building innovative alternate story worlds (see projects)
multi-user virtual environment design is a creative development company building organic & highly immersive multi-user, multi-platform experiences across the social web, TV, the real world and 3D virtual platforms. These include pervasive games, virtual worlds and augmented reality. They have created award winning projects for TV, Education, Telcos, Filmmakers & Artists.

Founded in 2006 by Gary Hayes, highly experienced in audience centric service design – 2 years Exec Producer & Product Dev Manager at ABC TV, 8 years Senior Development Producer at BBC Broadcast Interactive & New Media, 2 years Head of Virtual Worlds at The Project Factory and 4 years Director of Australia’s Laboratory for Advanced Media Production. Now Director & founder of Multi-Platform training unit


  • E-mail:
  • Primary phone mobile: +61 0404 797 104
  • Linked in: Profile
  • Twitter: GaryPHayes
  • Skype: cubrig31
  • Address: Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains 2786, NSW Australia

Gary also runs the following sites:

MUVEDesign is a UK founded company but ABN Registered in Australia. ABN Number: 92474066319

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