MUVEDesign can help you deliver your narrative and brand focused, audience centric cutting edge service in key areas such as:

  • MULTI PLATFORM EXPERIENCE DESIGN – designing, implementing, consulting, measuring complete range of pervasive and transmedia entertainment
  • VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY – VR film or 3D world, consultancy for VR platforms and AR from marker or locative to full mixed reality TV/3D games/shows
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – a range of services from urban, portrait and landscape as well as panorama and 360 shoots
  • VIRTUAL WORLD AND GAME PRODUCTION – design, construction, maintenance, refreshing, extending. See projects for examples

As well as editorial consultants and service designers we can build and develop advanced story or brand driven services for clients with engaging projects across many platforms including:


We are registered iOS developers with several apps coming out via the App store soon. We can also place paid apps through onto the store for clients


For projects destined for PC or mobile we can help you realise your virtual reality ideas.



We can help you make amazing untethered, virtual reality experiences, apps and games for one of the most ubiquitous VR platforms, Gear VR

gear vr logo


We are part of the Android development community and can develop applications for android tablets and mobile devices and distribute into the Android market for clients


We were one of the first developers to use unity and even ran courses for film, tv and multiplatform students in it. Now the worlds leading game development and specialised platform tool, Unity 5 can help you build your dream project.




MUVEDesign are registered developers on both the Layar and Junaio location based browsers that work on Android and iPhad platforms. We can also develop Junaio Glue, marker or pattern based recognition


We can develop simple AR marker webcam services using the industry standard Flash AR toolkit or utilise some of the latest technology such as Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality SDK which we are beta registered for


MUVEDesign can naturally build a range of social media sites such as WordPress/BuddyPress networks, Drupal or Joomla installs and is well known already as a key Second Life developer but also can create standalone games using software such as Unity – for iPhone, Web, Standalone Mac & PC and even Wii games.

We have a core team but use people with the best specialist skills across a range of areas:

  • Community focused strategic consultation and experience design planning
  • Project design, environmental builds, terraforming and super-structures
  • Machinima & promo video – PR messages, corporate build captures, scripting, set design, filming, voice talent and editing
  • 3D builds, animations (incl: motion capture), avatars, music and sound design
  • Media hosting and sound and video preparation
  • Scripting and back-end systems integration
  • Event management, commerce and community relations


Social & Game Virtual Worlds:

  • Full Service Design, Build and Marketing Consultancy
  • Simulator/Island/land administration
  • Island/land terraform design and orientation
  • 3D object modelling, texturing and scripting
  • Interactive in-world game development
  • Script, video (machinima) production, editing and conversion.
  • Events hosting and promotion
  • Integration of greeters/AI technology in SL and on the web
  • Marketing of your initial and on-going presence in Second Life
  • Full support post-launch and building engagement with in-world culture


Virtual Worlds: New Platforms and Tools Development

  • First-to-market expertise in emerging virtual environments
  • Alpha and Beta testers and/or developers in many social and closed virtual worlds
  • Early specialists in AI driven avatars for use in Business and Entertainment
  • Develop in industry standard game tools including: Unity, SketchUp, Maya, Torque, DX Studio, Game Studio, etc:


Virtual Worlds: Consultancy

  • Innovation, market-leadership and creativity
  • Which virtual world? Consultancy – we can advise what virtual environment would be right for your community, brand or business objectives
  • Implementing new services in existing multi user virtual environments and game worlds

Games Development

  • Design and Build of iPhone, Mobile, Casual Flash Web Games, Games within Social Virtual Worlds and Design and Project Management of larger scale MMOGs

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